Drained EP - Mote Evolver 21

Shrouded in anonymity, Shifted’s productions are fuelled by a personal passion for techno. This four-track EP for Mote-Evolver represents an earnest expression of creativity from an enigmatic artist; freed from the restrictions of expectation and reputation.

Opening up with the kind of sparsely constructed but highly incendiary deep- space-techno that has characterized much of Moteʼs recent output, Drained is a thumping bass-driven ride through sinister moods and scratchy sounding effects.

Polaron brings an abrasive feel to the release, contrasting with the deeper moods found elsewhere on the EP, as heavy beats and mechanical percussion provide momentum while resounding chimes and shrill stabs add frenetic drama.

Futuristic and hypnotic, Bound combines the pacey dynamism of snappy rhythms with mesmerizing atmospheric loops which weave together to create a shifting melody; oscillating subtly against a backdrop of relentless percussion.

Junk appears as a digital only bonus. Tense and brooding, this pulsing, stripped back epic is centered on bleeping melodic lines and echoing chimes that fade in and out like distant code transmissions lost amongst the surrounding sonic hum.